Logistic Products


Working with the CC (Container-Centralen, Denmark) since 2001 until 2005 as Sales Manager and since 2006 LINK represents the company. Introducing products like the Roll Container which today is the preferable products among the leading supermarkets in Chile, Argentina and Peru where today LINK and the brand has a leading position.

Security products


Since May 2010 working as a Sales Director for the brand SmokeCloak by MssProfessional in Denmark implementing the sales of the security product - Fog Generators. Main goal has been to introduce and finding potential representatives in Latin American countries with the most interesting profile and to secure and meet the sales targets. The sales target for 2013 was reached August 2013.


New segments

As LINK has 2 new employees we can now offer representations in two new interesting segments:

  • Packaging
  • Textile

The profile of the person whom is covering this area consists of a sales engineer with more than 10 years’ experience in the areas mentioned.

In general

LINK is a small company with dedicated people that has years of experience and knowledge of the markets as well as how to introduce and implement the worked out strategies. LINK also:

  • Participates in fair
  • Capacitating the representatives and participate in visits to end consumer
  • Reporting
  • Meetings with the representatives
  • Follow-up
  • Arranging import of products, transport etc.
  • Have knowledge of local regulations

Should we not have the information required in any market we have thanks to, our well developed network the possibility and means to get them.


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